Monday, July 4, 2011

Simply church

The past eight days have been spent with a family of believers learning and practicing the heart of what Jesus laid out thousands of years ago. In Matthew 16 Jesus speaks to his disciples saying, 'And I tell you that you are Peter(rock-small stone, pebble), and on this rock(Jesus-bedrock, boulder, large stone) I will build my church(ekklesia-ruling body), and the gates of Hades will not overcome it...' The parentheses here represent the Greek meanings/definitions of the words used in the original texts. When you are able to look at this representation, it brings a whole new meaning to what Jesus was speaking of. One of the greatest and most profound revelations was that Jesus revealed the idea of 'church', which in this context was completely unknown. There are but a handful of mentionings of 'church' in the four gospels. So, the disciples hearing this, were in the dark; probably considering Jesus more crazy than he was! They had no concept of this 'church', unlike us as a western culture, where thousands of ideas and thoughts flood our minds when we hear 'church'.

As we progressed throughout the days of Student Church Planting eXperience(SCPx), we were able to share in company with some amazing people, that are furthering the Kingdom in their lives daily. They were invited to share their experiences, and to give us a glimpse of their heart, and more importantly, Papa's heart. We were able to begin to form a picture of what a simple church really is. It's not a building, not a time, not even a place; there are no constraints. It's merely bringing a group of Jesus loving, Father seeking, Holy Spirit driven people together to encounter the Trinity as a family/community/followers. There is no greater calling than to love the Father, during our loving each other as brothers and sisters. We share stories, food, music, revelations, and hearts. Why does this work so well? We as beings created in the image of God, are designed to be in relationship! Because we are created in Papa's image, our functionality depends on family/relationship. Papa exists in relationship within himself with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So therefore, we have this vertical family/relationship with our Father, and also require relationship/family with those around us. As for finding this, why not start with Father God, and end with 'church', nurturing relationships in every aspect of our day to day.

Even better, this ^^^^^^^ is something we can, and I will share with all that I encounter. There are no limits or boundaries on who I can share and encounter Jesus with. It may look different in every situation, but Jesus asks that we love everyone, hate no one, and share what we have(paraphrased of course)! The possibilities are endless, and that is what drives the heart of a true Jesus follower. Jesus moments can come in a grocery line, a night on the town, a bible study, a short leg, or an allergy. No matter where we look, or choose not to look, our ability to discern and find these encounters is what brings life, and life abundantly.  And anyone can be in my family/community, whether you believe who Jesus is, you are searching the Scriptures for Divine Truth to make that decision, or know nothing and walk in off the street. There is enough love to be had, and sooner than later, the Father heart of God will reach in and touch their heart, mind, and soul. From there, lives will be ruined for Jesus!

This is only a fraction of all that we went through and learned this past week. We haven't even touched the supernatural workings of Holy Spirit, which are available and working all around us daily. We have the same anointing and job that Jesus did, that's why he instructed his disciples to teach those that didn't know yet, the same things they had learned. While in Mark Jesus says that all those that believe will do the miracles that Jesus was doing. Whether it's casting out a demon, speaking in tongues, healing, prophecy, dreams/visions, or speaking wisdom and knowledge. God moves in power, simplicity, and love to reach the innermost parts of our heart. But these only hold meaning in the Kingdom by the workings of relationship.

What about the simplicity of our words? There are thousands and thousands of words, and my vocabulary is sometimes limited to the few complicated and overused words that I may not even know the meaning to. These are words that the common Christian will use to describe a particular view/working within the confines of being a Christian, or how about Jesus follower, that's much better! We're on our way now. There are so many words that are used that mean nothing to a lot of people, particularly ones that know nothing of our beliefs, or even a concept of Jesus and the Gospel. Therefore, the simplicity of words and conversation is necessary to convey who Jesus is, and the love that he truly wants to show and share with each one of us. Take a moment and see what words you can find in your 'Christian' vocabulary, seeing what you can substitute. For instance: salvation, condemnation, consecrate, paradigm shift, blood of the lamb, saved, the cross, gentile, and the list goes on. Test yourself, and see if you can share who God is to you, and what He is actively doing in you in three minutes or less; but in simple language! It will change your life, believe me!

Is there more? You bet! But I want you all to process this a bit, as I do the same. We have much to learn, and this will keep me busy for a bit! Ask Holy Spirit what this all means, that's the best way. HS will be sure to reveal, and will not disappoint. Blessings for now, and I pray/celebrate that you and Papa grow closer as you seek His heart/desires and His face daily.

Morgan Snell

Friday, June 24, 2011

Holy Spirit?!?!

The past week or so, we have finally settled into our surroundings, finding a more rhythmic schedule, and an ability to begin to speak into each others lives more effectively as brothers and sisters. A typical day makes absolutely no sense in my mind; for the fact that I am doing Jesus work, all the time! Now, you're asking yourself, what's Jesus work?......................

Jesus worked with his hands, earning a living, for thirty years. He built chairs, tables, tools; whatever a carpenter could build, he did it. Then he was sent into the wilderness, to be set apart from the rest of society, the culture, all that he knew. So that he could prepare for his ministry(do we really know the meaning of the word ministry? Or is it a word just thrown around so people have a 'general' idea; that being that we are telling the gospel boldly?). Let me rephrase, 'So that he could prepare for his: healing the sick/diseased(blindness, bleeding, death, blindness, doubt, paralyzed, leprosy, severed ear), cast out demons,  speaking life into the broken and empty hearts, love the ones that he came in contact with, share the heart of his Father in heaven, disciple twelve men that would be responsible for spreading the teachings and news of who Jesus and Abba and Holy Spirit is, leading to his death on a carved out tree. 

Now, that sounds like a lot to put on any persons plate, particularly to be accomplished in three years. Yet Jesus, who is our Father God in human form, came to earth to live a perfect life without blemish. This allowed for his life to be deserving of the reward of heaven/eternal life, but there was a catch. As he hung on the carved out tree, our Father and Jesus' Father, put all the brokenness and darkness that is in our hearts on Jesus. This overwhelming weight Jesus experienced killed him. Only so we could, as sons and heirs of the Kingdom of God, take hold of the reward Jesus had waiting for him. What?!?!

But throughout this, Jesus asked that we as believers, disciples, and followers of our Father God, that we do his works, and greater! We can do all that he did in his three years of loving the world, and more, simply because God the Father decided to give us the blessing that He gave Jesus.

..........So everyday, I go out into the community around me, and love people, care for people, pray for people, share Jesus with people. We meet in the mornings as a family, worship, read the Holy Bible, and pray. Ah, family time is so enjoyable when Holy Spirit comes and rests on our time, revealing new things to our hearts, and then allowing us to pick up and go share it, go practice it, go be it! Not a day goes by that we don't have neighbor kids in our house, sharing food, stories, jokes, music, or just plain fun. They even like to stick around for worship, and reading the word of God. Wednesday night we even went around the room describing Papa with every letter in the alphabet, three times over!! We figured that being 78, minus a few for obscure letters. Even the ten year old kids came up with awesome words describing who God is, and they don't have the doctrinal or theological background that we have in the house. Whether it was illustrious, obedient, or just amazing! The concept of who God is in the eyes of a child is a beautiful and humbling thing, and I am soaking it up. 

We even like to go hang out at the park. Whether it's going to the pool, playing hide-and-seek, climbing trees, playing on the playground, kicking a soccer ball, or just running around; the kids love it! We then have an opportunity to sometimes talk to the parents as well, getting to know them, and just loving them. Whether we share the gospel or not, we know that we were able to be a part of someone else's life, because we wanted to love them. Anything else is in vain, if it is not in love. That hits hard, every time. 

Right now, that's what I can process in words, but there is so much more! Look for more very soon. 

Blessings to all of you, truly. 


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Living and Breathing

As I sit here and reflect on the almost two weeks it has been since this internship started, I have come to some realizations that don't make sense; except that God has a hand in it all. I have seen, tasted, and experienced God in new ways, and really am beginning to grasp how alive He and His words are! It's hard to really convey with words the process that has begun in my heart. There is a shifting and changing going on, that I never imagined would happen. When I posture my heart in submission to Abba, and allow Him to come in and do work, loving me like was intended, I find so much freedom, and yet so much junk in my heart. There is a healing that must happen, that I never even realized was needed. I have been living in a life that serves our Father and who He is, yet I have been living and thriving in some unhealthy ways that God sees as good in heart, but not best for me spiritually.

In the Hebrew culture, the Word of God is living and active, never ceasing; always moving forward. In the original text there are no verse or chapter markers, no books, no periods. Simply commas, as the words and actions of our God move forward until the day that Jesus returns to this earth to claim His kingdom on earth. Considering we live in the western culture, we are caught inherently in the Greek culture/thinking. We look at the world, physically and spiritually, in a completely different light than what the Hebrew culture would see. A lot of our thinking is abstract, and we take everything at face value, as a picture. Where in the Hebrew culture, they view things in the way they function, and concrete. And everything that they do, is moving along the path of truth, of life, of what Jesus desires for us. In the this movement we are living in perfection, in that we are continually growing and moving closer to God and who He is. In which our nearness to God and continually moving in perfection is what brings His anointing, and our ability to move in what He desires for us, practically and supernaturally.

Our movement in perfection is beautiful, perfect, good, and functional. We must continually look towards God and His face, and posture our hearts to receive form our Daddy. When we open our hearts, we are submitting all that we are: mind, soul, strength, and heart. We open them all to be used to His glory, and for His delight. And in this, there will come spiritual formation and healing. Whether we truly see the process or not, there is a process of cleansing and forming who we are in Christ, and healing must and will occur if we are willing. There are things in our hearts that are not healthy for anyone, and that God did not intend to be in our hearts. Whether it is sin, hurt, cynicism, etc. There is so much that can creep in and destroy/decay our hearts. I have even found this in my own heart, where I didn't think it actually existed. Sin and disease are described by the same word in Hebrew. And this disease is what leads to actions, leading to addiction. The disease is the root of what we must get at. And God is willing to pour out His love, and to bring that healing!

God is so good, and so willing to invade your heart if you let Him. Press in, draw near to Him, and He will draw near to you!

Blessings to you all


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jesus and Community

Day 1
As day one winds to a close, there is a sense of excitement, readiness, and expectancy of things to come. Already today I have met eight new people that have the same insatiable vision and desire of encountering Jesus, and searching out the Kingdom. We read through Isaiah 61 for church tonight, and it totally opened my eyes. It was already an influential verse in my life, but something clicked. The things in this verse are the Kingdom of Heaven coming to earth in the physical. I have been laboring over what Heaven on earth really means, entails, looks like, etc. And this has given me an even better understanding of what Heaven is, and how the Kingdom is to come to earth. It is a representation and model of restoration, hope, and joy. The pull of Jesus brings us out of the depths of despair, mourning, ashes, darkness, and brokenness. And in that, the Kingdom begins to take shape on earth. The heart of restoring what has been lost, destroyed, and trampled on wreaks. We are then new creations, inheriting what God has left for us. Along with being His ministers and priests, while bringing us righteousness (in right relation) in Him. What a beautiful picture that brings a sense of comfort, trust, and mission. A vision of what to push for and never to back down.

Day 2
As we submerge in Kansas City even deeper, we are beginning to catch wind of what this internship and opportunity means. It is more than just learning about God. It is stepping into the Heart of Papa, grasping his desires and commands and promises and diving into relationships; right relationship. As we draw near to Him, we find more and He comes a bit closer, then He points again to His mission for us, commanding us to go out and make disciples and relationships with our community and family. The Church is made up of family and relationships that allow us to partner with to go out and to pour into the community around us.  Commit to the Lord, delight in the Lord, Wait on the Lord (Psalm 37); all of these are simple acts to pursue the heart of Papa. These all come with sacrifice, faith, and trust, but have rewards beyond all that we can imagine or expect. As we begin to walk in the ways of the Lord, and listen to Holy Spirit continually, we begin to find the Heart of God, and His promises coming to fruition. But without total commitment and trust in what God can do, we allow our flesh to get in the way of who we can be, missing the voice of God.

Day 3
Today has been the revelation of the role of family/community. Our house of seven people is here to establish the Kingdom of God amongst the people around our house, in this community of KCMO. To be effective in establishing this kingdom, we must first be a family in this house, rooted in the love of Papa. So that we may go out and share and be examples of the love that God shares for each one of us. It will be hard, and overwhelming, but great at the same time! We cannot go at the kingdom alone, as one grain of salt, but we are to be a salt shaker, committed and partnered to bring life and flavor to this city. The opportunity presented to each of these 10 people, pursuing the same vision is unfathomable and cannot be passed up or taken lightly. We are a city on a hill; a strong fortress that has an all encompassing perspective, shining the light. Do the works that Papa desires, and that Jesus has done. But we are going to do these works(miracles) and greater; the foundation, the bottom level of his desire and expectation are these miracles, there is nothing less. Holy Spirit come and move heavily, because the movement of your wind is powerful, uninhibited, and free flowing; going where you may. Lord I continue to ask for divine relationships, to connect and pursue a common dream, vision, and mission, for the sake of the kingdom. Ruin my thoughts on the future and what it holds. Destroy my selfishness in comfort. I decrease, so that you may increase, grabbing hold of the heart of your bridegroom, that I may flaunt your glory, with garments of praise, adorned in your treasures!

Day 4
Today was a day of family, amongst the housemates and leaders. We spent time throughout the day cheering/supporting each other in various events. From cheering Lindsay and Myles on as they ran a half-marathon, to attending a rap concert for Crystal, Tre, and Maestro. Along with this time of supporting, we spent time in communion over lunch and late dinner with different people. Breaking bread is an important and necessary part of being a family, and growing together as a community. We also spent time in prayer together, and going over rules and boundaries for the House of Troost. This all is an extension of our lives into others, coming closer and closer together.  As we pursue these things, we find the importance of being on the same page and sharing the same heart. The heart of the Father is found in relationship. Relationship with Him, and relationship with others around us. That is when we become the church, and can truly find what it means to work in the heart of the Father. 



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fade into the Crowd

As I walk through each day, I disappear into the crowds. The lives of other students, customers, employees, rowers, christians, they are all around me, and they consume everything that I am. They consume all that I am about, all that I know, all that I say. My words get lost wherever i throw them, they stick in the back of people's minds, falling to the ground, or rising to the heavens. As I get lost in this crowd of.....well.......everyone, I have no voice by myself. Is my voice worth being heard? Do people find value in hanging on every conversation, every sentence, every syllable that is audible or written on paper? Should people be ready to hear what I have to say, or what Jesus has to say? My words are just babble, but my Father's words are so much more. They are truth, wisdom, poignant, life changing.

I cannot walk any farther. I cannot think one more minute ahead, an I cannot look back even a second. I must stop, I must fall prostrate, and demand that God increase in my heart, as I decrease my desires, my heart, my visions. That God will come, birth, and flourish a vision and dream for my life, for my role in His Kingdom vision. My vision is worthless, my hopes are worthless, my 'goodness' and 'deeds' are dirty rags. Father, come in, speak on your terms, your heart MUST overtake mine.

I cannot be silent anymore, yet I cannot speak, not until Holy Spirit prompts my heart to speak.

Father, I ask for revelation in my heart, mind, and soul, that you would increase immensely, and that I decrease.  May I not fall into the crowd, being lost and not heard, but be a leader. I ask for your heart, your visions, your dreams to become my own. That I can pour those out into the cities, states, and nations, bringing your Kingdom to earth, as it stands in Heaven. Lord I will not move until you ask me to move, I will not speak unless spoken too.

This is just a bit of my heart, and speak and pray these things over all that read this. Abba wants relationship, He wants our hearts.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Our Father wants to know us. He wants to build a relationship that is more than just being a Father figure that heads over us, demanding respect, showing authority. He demands our praise and adoration. We are to fear Him daily, in reverence. But at the same time, He is the our affectionate Daddy, Papa. He wants to grow closer to us as we grow closer to Him. Who wants to know you more intimately and loves you more than this God of the world, a God of wrath and destruction. These were times of despair for Him, but yet of necessity. Yet, we have the opportunity to find a God of love and involvement. He sits on His throne, receiving praise and honor, from every angel and entity. Yet he wants to know me? He wants me to know Him, intimately, to be a Papa. He loved us enough to send His Son, to bring life through death and destruction.


Jesus sits at the right hand of God, interceding on our behalf, to His Papa. He is praying for our hearts and our words, speaking through Holy Spirit. The life He lived was that which was contrary to the government, to the people, and to the world. Still today, it is that same radical, out of the ordinary, set Him apart from the world. And we as the ones who inherit this call to live as such, takes a great deal of surrender and action. Jesus states that we will do even greater things than He. For real! Our lifestyle is to be that of a radical nature, contrary to the beliefs and views that others hold. What Jesus has instilled in our hearts is what we are to grasp and push on with. We cannot sit back and allow fear and complacency plague the passions and fire within our hearts. We have the instructions of what we are to do at the end of Mark. Jesus states it to the disciples, and conveys that to us as well. When He left this earth to sit at the right hand of His Father, Holy Spirit, the Counselor was given to guide us.

Holy Spirit-Revolutionary

Holy Spirit leads us in every precession of our lives. Every step we take, every word we speak is to be hinged on the words and impressions of Holy Spirit. There is no greater wisdom or knowledge except that that comes form our Counselor. The one who dwells within our souls, keeping us in direct contact with our Papa. When we pray, even in utterances beyond understanding, Holy Spirit intercedes with groans and prayer on our behalf. Our lives are a leading of radical and unfathomable desires, led by Holy Spirit. Our conscience is by that wisdom and knowledge the Father reveals through Holy Spirit. In which we pour these things out on those around us, bringing revolution: a sudden, radical, or complete change. Holy Spirit is what changes hearts and minds, brining the impression of the presence and glory of the Father. To be revolutionary is to bring about a shift in what lives look like. There is nothing greater.

These things have been revealed to me the past few weeks. Starting with a sermon my pastor shared one Sunday. I wanted to share with you all, what God is trying to convey our lives be like. How we are to interact on an intimate level with the Trinity. There is a desire for our lives to be revolutionary, reaching to the lost, building those up around us, and ultimately establishing the Kingdom here on earth.


Saturday, December 25, 2010


Be still and know that I am God. What do I know of being still? Of being quiet? Of being in solitude with Jesus, and my Abba Father? I can tell you, very little. My life consists of reading some scripture, when I feel like it. Praying, when I 'think' about it, asking God for things. But I never stop, sit down, and listen. Allowing Jesus to impress his thoughts, prayers, concerns, commissions, and love upon my heart. My thoughts race, from one thing to the next, barely allowing for listening or feeling Holy Spirit do his thing. As I sit here and write, I have music playing. There is no silence in my day that is focused and devoted to my Father. The other day, I did sit down, and listen. Leaving my heart open, exposed, and devoted to nothing. My mind focused on what Holy Spirit was revealing. It was refreshing and fulfilling. I sat for about 10 minutes, but Jesus moved in that. I need Jesus, desperately! So to sum this quick thought up.......

Be still
Be quiet
Listen and discern
For God speaks
Ask for Him to move
Allow Him to move

Father move and shake my heart
Impress your fire on me!